Sunday, November 18, 2007


We are back safe and sound from Cuba - had a fabulous time. We didn't get to bed until 3am so I am too tired to post any creative antecdotes but here are some of the many pictures we took over the past week.

Sophia was an angel on the plane and she and I were able to sleep while the sun set around us.

Sophia and Meghan enjoyed some swing time one afternoon.

Sophia and I on one of the fantastic streets of Havana.

Two tired girls after an afternoon beach wedding.

Havana is a must-see for anyone travelling to Cuba - it's like stepping back in time.

Sophia and her Abeulita had a great time in the pool.

Our resort was very child friendly.

A family shot in the pool. We tended to frequent the swim-up bar located behind us.

Sophia contemplating the ocean.

There's nothing better than watching the sun go down on a beach.

Sophia didn't really like getting wet, so the floaty device helped keep her above the water.

Frolicking in the waves.

On the bus to our resort - notice there are no car seats - I had a mild stress attack any time we did some travelling in cars, but all our travels were safe ones.

Just about to eat lunch - I existed on bread and butter (and cerveza) for the week, but Sophia had no problems enjoying the all inclusive buffet.

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Carolyn said...

Great photos Jess! Can't wait to see more.