Saturday, November 10, 2007

Heading to the airport...

We are just about to leave for a week in Cuba (yeah!) but I thought I'd better post some recent pics before we go. (and before I pop some valium to get me on the plane.) Hopefully we'll have some sunny pictures to post next weekend.

Sophia was a bit hesitant of the carving ritual at first, but eventually had fun playing in the pumpkin goo.

These are the only Halloween pictures we have from this year - she refused to wear her costume. But she did discover Smarties for the first time - they were a hit.

Sophia likes to do everything her dad and I do - here she is wearing my sneakers.

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nanamamma said...

I am sooo relieved that I am not the only mother in the universe who has no pictures of her children in their Hallowe'en costumes!