Friday, November 30, 2007

Hanging Out

The three of us don't get as much time at home together as we'd like, so we really appreciate the days when we can just hang out and enjoy our space.

Pappa returned from Florida today with a brand new stroller for "mi bebe" as Sophia calls it.

Sophia is really getting into cooking lately - I heard Santa might be bringing her her own kitchen to play with for Christmas - although she'll still probably prefer to use the real thing.

Sophia is also really into cleaning these days - give her some water to spray and a cloth to wipe with, and she's a happy camper. She tends to wipe the same spot over and over though, so some parts of the house are much cleaner than others.

It's great to finally be at the stage where Sophia can play right along with her cousins.

If Sophia gets her hands on the camera, she hands it to us and then stands and says cheese, indicating she wants us to take her picture - as seen above.

Dancing is another favourite past time these days - but there's no observing allowed - everyone in the room has to participate as well. There's only so many times you feel like "putting your left hand in", but it's all a part of the parenting territory.


Lor said...

Sophia is cute as a button. I can see why Sam is smitten with her. :)

Carolyn said...

No wonder her and Sam get along so well, they share many of the same hobbies - cleaning, cooking, dancing, modelling...