Saturday, October 13, 2007

Catching Up

It's been too long since I've loaded some pictures onto the computer, but I had some time tonight to do so - her are a few (or more) of the past few months in the life of Sophia...

Sophia has become quite fond of her "babies" - here she is giving them a drink.

Sophia enjoyed helping her dad collect the leaves in our back yard the other day.

Here she is taking a break from the leave-collecting.

This is Scott in the shed - he deep fried the turkey for Thanksgiving - I'm still not convinced that this is a safe way to cook, but everyone raved about how good it tasted.

Here's the kids enjoying a hot tub at Nana and Papa's condo.

Sophia really developed a liking for ice cream over the summer - here she is enjoying a cone on the porch.

Livvie and Papa also enjoyed the dickie-dee man.

Sophia and Liv enjoyed a ride on Liv's 4-wheeler. Is there anything in this world that doesn't have Dora on it?

While we stayed at my sister's house during our move, Sophia borrowed some of her cousin's clothes - I loved her in this pink robe.

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