Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bonne Fetes Nana

Today my mother turns 60 years old, but she lives more like she's 40. If she's not out in the country at 7 am biking 25km, then she's looking after one of her 4 grandchildren, or working in administration at our local health center, or travelling with my dad, or taking a yoga class, or walking her dog around the lakeshore, or, from time to time, she can be found sitting on her beautiful balcony and enjoying one of her favourite pleasures - Starbuck's and a good book. Whatever she's doing, my mom lives a very full life and we are all extremely lucky to have her in our own lives. Happy Birthday Mom, and here's to another wonderful year! Love Jess, Homero and Sophia xoxoxo

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Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday from the Ruzickas and Cosimos too!!!!!!!!!