Saturday, August 4, 2007

Magical Coca-Cola

When my sisters and I were young, my Dad used to tell us that we could grow coca-cola in the backyard. One night, he took us out to some dirt, armed with empty coca-cola bottles, some onions, cookies and a sock. We would plant our "ingredients" along with the empty bottles, and then he would have us do an aboriginal dance around the pile of dirt, while hopping on one foot. Appearently, this was a magical dance that he had learned from an old man named "Indidan Joe" while travelling in Thunder Bay. Anyway, the next morning we rushed out to the pile of dirt, and magically there were full bottles of coca-cola just waiting for us to have for breakfast.

While we were in PEI last month, my Dad passed this magical trick onto his grandkids. The four of them planted their coca-cola bottles one warm summer evening, and then rushed out first thing in the morning to see if anything had grown. Indian Joe's trick had worked once again, and this picture captures the plentiful harvest of coca-cola that grew overnight.

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Lor said...

That's the best story i've ever heard. That's awesome!!