Sunday, July 29, 2007

Princess Island

Last Christmas we decided to book a family vacation to PEI - which Evelyn began calling "Princess Island" - that name stuck with us all year as we planned our trip to the East Coast. Last week we finally got to visit Princess Island and we had the most fabulous trip ever. We stayed in a stunning century old farmhouse that was big enough to accomodate us all - we basically had 100 acres of farm and beach to ourselves. My mom's goal is to have all her grandkids travel to all the great places in Canada before they start heading south and beyond...PEI was a great place to start. Thanks a million to Nana and Papa for making it all happen. The memories are too many to mention, but here are some pictures that capture some of the fun times we had.

Heaven on earth, as they say.

Ben and Phi-Phi resting on the beach.

Some serious poker games went down in the evenings.

The guys made a wonderful "lobber" dinner at the farmhouse to celebrate Jim and Homero's birthdays.

My dad bought this ice cream for himself but I think Sophia ate most of it.

A family shot after exploring on the beach.

We had this whole beach to ourselves and it was right in the backyard of where we stayed.

Homero showing Sophia how to skip rocks - love that red mud.

Sophia roasting marshmallows behind the insanely beautiful farmhouse that we all stayed in.

Here we are before heading in for our "lobber" dinner in a quaint place called New Glascow.

An afternoon visit to Anne of Green Gables - different than I had pictured in my mind, but a great historic landsite all the same.

Sophia and the rest of us enjoyed a day on Barcklay Beach - a must do for any PEI tourist.

The scenary was my personal favourite part of the trip - I could have driven around all evening just enjoying the views - everything is so green and lush from all the rain they get - with fields upon fields of potatoes.

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Anonymous said...

All this pictures are beautiful, this is the place I always dream to go, I'm so happy you guys had a wonderful time, one day Carlos and I will go, may be we even take Sam with us, happy birthday Homero, better late than never, one of this days we will have you for a nice BBQ, love Ana Maria